Innocent ~ White Label ~ Tomoe Yamanaka Part2

Tomoe Yamanaka

It is called "the younger sister of the world" because of its well-organized national treasure-class features and is very popular! Image of junior idol Tomoe Yamanaka who hits record sales every work "Innocent ~ White Label ~ Introducing "Part 2"! I can't stop pounding at the adult-like look that I occasionally show! In this work, she will be dressed in a pure white costume that is perfect for Chie-chan and will show off various poses ♪ First of all, Chie-chan who appeared in navel tennis wear, a swimsuit that you can glimpse from the skirt every time you swing I'm dying. A white swimsuit looks great on your butt, which you can't imagine from your slender legs! In addition, this time we will try a glossy white lingerie-style swimsuit. He lays down on the black sofa and shows his expression as an older sister. After all, the attention scene is a pure white bunny girl costume! It is a bold outfit with white stockings and a deep slit in the chest. Flirt with the fluffy tailed ass toward the camera, take a grown-up pose that crawls on all fours using a chair ... It will be mellow to the innocent smiling wisdom with rumbling ears ♪ Then, it appeared in a white see-through dress. When I take off my dress and start taking a shower in a white swimsuit, I'm surprised. And finally, challenge the white maid style swimsuit! The clear see-through apron enhances the beauty of Chie-chan! Chie-chan, who became a little older sister at the age of 14, don't miss the slender body full of charm and her cute expression!

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