Naughty JK Vol.14 Part 1

Yoshino Yanagi
Naughty JK

Yoshino Yanagisawa who is very popular with baby face Chan's third work! Immediately after its release, the "Naughty JK Series" became a very popular series in a blink of an eye. Released the third work at the fastest among many girls Yoshino-chan, this time too, I'll grab your heart with her proud ass and a too cute smile! This time we will start with a blazer swimming that tickles the fetish mind! Boldly dressed in the pool! What a god set that the side of the pool is made of glass and you can see the underwater ♪ When you walk underwater, the skirt rolls up and the white underwear is exposed! Breaststroke while showing a crowded butt that is hard to bonus! The shape of the butt, and even the streaks are transparent, so your eyes are nailed! In addition, a big service that changes clothes from a blazer to a white swimsuit underwater, and then goes up from the pool and does a handbra ... I thought that a happening occurred here! !! !! At the moment of taking a bra, Yoshino-chan's po ○ ... Because it is a treasure shot, please enjoy the continuation with the video ♪ Stretching in a school swimsuit in the second half! Open your legs with a hula hoop, train your muscles with a roller device, and have a lot of fun! You can enjoy Yoshino-chan's Momojiri on all fours! Yoshino-chan gets wet all over the body at the end ... It's hard to get her crotch into her crotch and see the slapstick, or the pots come out! Please enjoy the one hour that you are crazy about Yoshino-chan who has a cute face ♪

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