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Risa Yoshiki

Risa Yoshiki The 21st DVD in 2017! A topical work that entered the top of the Amazon sales ranking at the reservation stage! Risa-chan, who has a cute look and one of the most artistic body lines in the gravure world, currently reigns at the top of the gravure. The body is generously shown in this full-length Hawaii location work. In the fantastic pool at the opening, I wore a dark blue swimsuit with a swimsuit. The tightly attached swimsuit has beautiful lines that extend from the breasts to the waist, buttocks, and legs. The following thin tank top scene is a no bra that you can enjoy the elasticity of soft breasts? Pasties specifications! I'm thrilled with the side milk that sometimes appears and disappears! I will be made to! The white x blue bikini has a hard buttocks bite! Slender, which is also the selling point of Risa The waistline and the constriction created by the volumey hips look great! Then an orange bikini shining on the beach. The tension of the crotch is unintentionally ↑ in the appearance of Risa who is cheerfully frolicking so that her boobs and buttocks shake wonderfully! Risa-chan, who reads a Hawaiian dictionary in bed, has a sexy bikini that looks like a room wear! The gestures that make your mouth sharp and sweet are also very cute! In light blue lingerie, you can fully see the sexy figure that sticks out the buttocks. And the best recommendation is the last black bikini! The halter neck tops, which are lace-woven to emphasize the roundness of the chest, are so sexy that you might think "Can you see the inside?" Let's bite into the buttocks moderately, and while moving the body glossily, it seems that you will fall in love with Risa who expresses the feminine line wonderfully! There is also an off-shot at the end, and plenty of natural Risa-chan that can not be seen in the main part is recorded, and the finish is perfect! Please take a look at Risa-chan's latest work, which is getting more and more sensual even if you become an Arasa!

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