Ultimate Maiden One day with Mime


Half-ass barrage! 16 years old at the time of shooting! Mime Shizuka, who made her debut as a T-back JC idol, produced by Yukari Nakai, who prevailed in the world! Introducing the 4th "Ultimate Maiden Series" she released in 2011! Miku-chan, who has a simple and simple look that is hard to find in the city, has a charming point of thick peach butt that is far from the Japanese! Of course, there are many cuts that spotlight the buttocks in this work as well! Opening is sailor suit, lower skirt And the pure white swimsuit also slipped off, and suddenly a half-ass appeared! The butt is overwhelmed by its volume, but when it comes to a half-naked situation with a sailor suit on the top and a half-ass on the bottom, its eroticism increases by 120%! The following swimsuit is not a perfect way to bite into the too thick buttocks, and it will be in a T-back state no matter how many times you fix it! And the best recommended camisole x sheer pants! There is eroticism that makes you want to say "wearing erotic" to show the T-back worn underneath while raising and lowering the transparent pan! And when you take off the transparent bread completely, a thick peach butt appears! The round and large peach butt, which is very elastic and not very Japanese, looks comfortable even if you rub it or hit it. You can enjoy the cuteness of Miku-chan. The check hoodie x red bikini is too small and you can almost see the butt. It's closed! For yellowing, take a close-up shot of your butt through the glass, and don't miss the bite / ω that clearly floats! In the shower scene wearing a tiny bikini, the bikini that sticks to wet skin is obscene! The making video is recorded at the end, but there are many sexy shots that were not in the main story, so don't miss the last! If you are an ass lover, this is the one you should definitely check out!

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