High School Girl


Saionji Misai-chan, who made her debut as Yurika Himezaki and has transformed into Yui Akimoto and a rising fish, will introduce the image released during the Rika Aoyama era! Narika-chan, who has a round face with a gentle atmosphere and cute eyes, is 15 years old at the time of shooting, but anyway, the big eye-catching boobs-chan! A big bulge that appears immediately when you start wearing a sailor suit and take it off in the classroom! I wonder if there is an estimated D to E cup, I'm surprised at the gap with the innocent face! Please pay attention to the live-off scene for the following gym clothes! The boobs that are about to spill from a small bikini sway, and when you bend down, you can see a deep cleavage! In addition, there will be scenes where you can fully enjoy Licca-chan's comfortable body, such as maid costumes, light blue swimming, and purple bikini! Above all, attention is required Is a bathing scene in a beige bikini, and the last black bikini! For beige bikini, please take a closer look at the body line that makes the wet bikini stand out! Cleavage is also this! I insist! The last black bikini is taken off from layering with a sexy nightie, and Licca-chan's chest is quivering like a pudding, with a "know" pose that emphasizes the chest and buttocks. It will entertain both the crotch and the crotch! In the last bonus video, you can see the cute "elementary" Licca-chan, so please enjoy it till the end!

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