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Momoka Sasaki
Nyan this
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She joins the ranks of small animals ... All scenes with cat ears! A streak that clearly enters the 11-year-old sixth grader's dick at the time of shooting! Momoka Sasaki, the representative of Japan for healing beautiful girls, appears in the "Nyankore" series! Momoka-chan is characterized by her beautiful long black hair and a sparkling smile! By the time you finish watching Momoka-chan, who is so cute that you can become a cat in every scene, it's mellow! ?? First of all, Momoka who appears in her uniform with cat ears! When I found the camera, I said "Nyan!" With a shining smile and my hands like a cat! The healing power that surpasses that of a real cat makes me smile when I watch the video! !! In addition, she takes off her uniform! When you unbutton the shirt and lower the skirt, you can see the white frilly swimsuit! Even beautiful fair skin will be irritated! Also 35: Up to the streaks in the middle of the scene from 07! The cut is like looking up at her white garter from a low angle in a white string bikini, and if you look closely at the crotch area, you can see the streaks clearly! Excited already! In addition, Momoka-chan will show off her stretch and balance ball scene in leotard, swimsuit, and Y-shaped balance! This work generously captures not only cute figures but also radical shots! If you miss Momoka Sasaki's "Nyan Kore", you will definitely regret it! Please download and enjoy! !!

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