Miracle Miran

Shimizu Miran

Super popular and energetic "Beauty Angel" junior idol! Phantom discontinued work! A popular work that the now-defunct image maker "Image Creator" is proud of! "Miracle Miran", an image work of a beautiful girl idol, Miran Shimizu, who is 12 years old at the time of shooting and is in the sixth grade of elementary school, has appeared! It is a 3rd DVD full of innocently frolicking heartful body and pure smile! First of all, Miran who appears in a floral dress! She has a black semi-long hairstyle and a refreshing dress! The appearance of finding the flowers blooming in the meadow and smelling them is so cute that it feels like the main character of the movie! I will squeeze involuntarily! Take off your one-piece swimsuit and you'll be in a light blue string bikini! The body of an elementary school girl wrapped in a small swimsuit! When the camera is up to the dick where the close-fitting swimsuit reveals a three-dimensional effect, I'm already thrilled It won't stop! Also, she can't stand licking ice cream! Besides, M-shaped spread legs in uniform, training & balance ball scene in sportswear, and her local swimsuit swimming in the pool are caught from the water! In addition, there are many notable scenes to introduce, such as white leotards and beach scenes in string bikinis! This work is difficult to obtain as well as being radical because it is an "image creator" work before regulation! It's a waste to miss this opportunity! Please download and enjoy!

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