The ultimate cool beauty JK idol born in Fukuoka makes a shocking gravure debut! The first image of newcomer idols Mizuho Aoki, "Hika" Is here! Mizuho-chan, who is irresistible for her slightly mature expression that sometimes fascinates her innocence, is wearing a bold T-back bikini for the first time, and her erotic and too raw transcendental super slender body is unveiled for the first time in Japan! I was confused by the embarrassing production and pose request, but I did my best to the end! The first thing I recommend is the scene in uniform! A white blouse, a ribbon on the chest, and a gray skirt uniform! I wonder if Mizuho-chan of JK usually lives in such a cute figure! If such a child were in school, he would definitely like it! Besides, I'm tempted by various poses such as rolling up the hem of the skirt! I'm in trouble already! But it doesn't end here! Mizuho-chan unhooks her skirt and reveals her white bikini pants that only look like underwear! I was so excited to see her crotch clearly and streaks! I unbuttoned the blouse and turned into a white string bikini! If you do something like this, you can't afford it! We also recommend the lotion massage scene in a yellow string bikini! A lot of lotion is hung on my stomach and it is applied all over my body! Mizuho-chan looks a little embarrassed when she touches various parts of her chest and legs! Oh, how envious! In addition, there are plenty of highlights such as bathing shower scene in a string bikini, ice licking, and stretching with a full view of the crotch in a leotard! Please download and enjoy Mizuho Aoki's "Ice Flower"! !!

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