Mai ☆ Love

Mai Morishita
Hula hoop
balance ball

At the time of shooting, 11 years old! Popular junior idol, Mayi Morishita Introducing the image work "Mai ☆ Love"! She is in the 5th grade of elementary school in the DVD series from the elementary school gravure magazine "Sho → Boh"! Full of cute and shining figures with a cool beauty atmosphere that is the same as a growing body! The second scene I recommend this time! She appears in a pink bikini! Jumping on a white sofa! She is so cute that she frolics happily! Also, when she sits on the bed, she starts licking a spiral candy! Hold it with a pakuri and stick out your tongue and lick it I'm sorry! The line of sight is nailed to such a girlfriend! In the next scene, she will appear in a white leotard! I draw on a white leotard, but what I pay attention to is her crotch! The moment you stand up, you can see that there is a streak in her crotch! Contrary to her crazy drawing, there is no doubt that she will pay attention to the dick! In addition, a hula hoop will be shown in a blue swimsuit! She moves her hips back and forth and turns the hula hoop vigorously! A swimsuit wrapped around her ass! I can't stand my ass! There are many other highlights such as a balance ball scene in gym clothes and a skipping rope in uniform! Delivering Mayi-chan's stunning and beautiful expression and her energetic girlfriend! Please download and enjoy! !!

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