Hold me forever Part 2

Takana Rei

“The body you want to marry” Introducing the image work of Rei Takanashi, a gravure idol who is rapidly gaining popularity with her catchphrase, "Hugging me all the time" in two parts! The last scene I would like to recommend in the second part! She appears in a nurse's clothes in the living room in the afternoon! As soon as the scene starts, she rolls up the hem of her nurse clothes and shows her light blue pants to seduce her! Then I unbuttoned and turned into a light blue bikini and asked for a massage! If you can massage Rei-chan, I want to give you as much as you want! I hang a lot of cloudy massage oil on her butt and hips lying on the sofa, but the color is completely that! You can arouse a naughty delusion! Spread such oil by hand and massage gently! If you massage your butt with Gniguni, you will get angry with "more gentle ..."! Even so, I see a gap and massage strongly, but I can't stand the fact that my palms and buttocks rub against each other and I can hear a screaming sound! When she lies on her back, the cloudy liquid is again spilled on her abdomen and thighs! I'm excited because she says "I'm overkill"! It's also great for her to move her hips in response to the movements of her hands! In addition, there are plenty of scenes that you can't miss, such as a lingerie scene that you take off from your plain clothes, a scene in a high-legged pool, and a sexy posing scene in your bedroom! There is no doubt that you will be excited about the plump body full of flesh! , Rei Takanashi's "Hug me forever"! Please download and enjoy! !!

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