Koiito Rhapsody Nitta Houka

Koiito Rhapsody

A neat and clean beautiful girl with a sense of transparency, Houka Nitta is a popular wearing erotic series "Koiito Rhapsody" Bold debut at! Although he was puzzled by the first shooting, he challenged an embarrassing pose with a fresh smile! The white and smooth skin that makes you want to touch it, the peach butt that is elastic and so on, etc., will bring you closer to the charm of a beautiful girl! First of all, I would like to introduce a scene that appears in a light blue leotard! She stretches on the mat when the video starts! The body seems to be very soft, but you will be tempted by opening your crotch! Also, don't miss this scene, where she sits on her back on a balance ball and poses! There is a clear vertical streak in her crotch! And not only that, I was surprised to see her chest! The nipples are insisting on it! I'm attacking from the debut work! Also, in the scene from 1:04:03, she appears in white lingerie! The fair skin looks shining in the sunlight! And in this scene, the recommended point is the naked pose of Houka-chan! The shy figure that hides your chest with the index fingers of both hands is the best! In addition, there are many notable scenes such as a scene where you take off your uniform, a bathing shower scene in a bathing suit, and a massage scene where you use plenty of oil! It's a must-see for a shy girl to wake up to various things! Please enjoy Nitta Houka's "Koiito Rhapsody" until the end! !!

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