G-TRIBE YELLOW Nozomi Takada

Nozomi Takada

From the label Nice Age, which is rumored to be more erotic than AV and pursues extremeness, G-TRIBE is full of images that satisfy erotic fetishism to the utmost limit! This time, Nozomi Takada, who has an attractive thick body of Mutchimuchi, is appearing in "G-TRIBE YELLOW". It was very popular since I was a junior when I was too bold, but I finally broke the limit! ?? I have exposed the appearance that I really feel with stickiness! When she appeared in a neat and clean OL-style uniform, she rubbed a ballpoint pen on her biting pants and rubbed it in full bloom! Nozomi-chan's too radical tongue in a blonde gal is in full view and is already at the climax of excitement! In the invisibility highleg leotard, while being overlooked by de S Nozomi-chan, a large amount of slimy dildo is fired on footjob & handjob at close range! I want to be like this ... It's a situation I admire! It is a must-see for the scene where you are restrained by a gag from De S Nozomi-chan! I was in agony so much that my swimsuit slipped due to the intensity of the electric massage machine, and when I blushed and panted, the sticky body fluid spilled from my mouth and it was extreme MAX! In the last bathroom scene, I couldn't stop pounding because I could see Nozomi who became naked in a voyeur style! It is a recommended work that you will want to see again and again.

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