Luna is mine

Luna is mineLuna is mineLuna is mineLuna is mineLuna is mineLuna is mineLuna is mineLuna is mineLuna is mineLuna is mine
Movie infos
TitleLuna is mine
SerieMagazine treasure series
CategoryExtreme eroticNaked

Legendary Series Revived Here! The photographer is a legendary man among enthusiasts. He was arrested under the Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Prohibition Law for selling the shot videos on the Internet "D ○ -M ○ RKET" after repeating obscene acts with junior and senior high school girls who were solicited to shoot image videos on SNS. .. It is said that more than 100 works have been produced. His magazine Maho series is back here! !! (* Works that violate the Child Pornography Prohibition Law are not included.) This time, I would like to introduce "Luna is my mine" by Luna, a female college student who lives in a high-class residential area aiming for CA. It is an introduction of "things". I've been shooting many times. The photographer described Luna as "The style is the so-called Bonkyubon Fujiko-chan body shape, the natural, non-silicone, beautiful and big breasts, the gloss like Ezo abalone, and the mucus is thick and I didn't like it very much. ・ ・ ・ ". The photographer seems to love Luna-chan! "Ikenai Luna-chan" is said to have been taken from Junko's "Ikenai! Luna-sensei" series, which was serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine. This work is an adult video rather than a radical wearing erotic. Climb from the beginning with a sailor suit Place it and open it up! Rotor, electric massager, O-nee! It is naked and inserts a bab into a pussy. Luna who never gets wet. It hurts just to touch the bab ... The radical scene continues forever. Magazine treasure series released for a limited time! If you miss this opportunity, you will regret it!

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