Mizuiro Days

Mizuiro DaysMizuiro DaysMizuiro DaysMizuiro DaysMizuiro DaysMizuiro DaysMizuiro DaysMizuiro DaysMizuiro DaysMizuiro Days
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TitleMizuiro Days

This is an introduction of "Mizuiro Days / Mizunosora" by the popular beautiful girl junior idol "Mizusora". White and smooth skin like marshmallows, round eyes, charming smile, smooth black hair, ... a very attractive beautiful girl Sora-chan. This is an image video of Mizuno Sora-chan, a popular JC idol whose charm point is Dote High School, when she was in junior high school. Youthful and cute, but in a bold outfit, a radical pose. .. Sexy and grinning! !! I took off my uniform and pajamas, and after that I saw a silky smooth skin and a firm body. Play around on the beach, sea, rivers, pools, athletics, and at home, and you'll be energetic and fresh. On the other hand, it's childish, but in various bold costumes such as invisibility, fluffy bikini, leotard, miniskirt and fishnet tights, you can stick out your butt, stretch, open your crotch, shake your body, and be sexy. Sora-chan poses too much. I can't stand it! !! It starts with a scene in uniform, but for some reason cucumbers suddenly appeared (laughs) It seems that the appearance of adding cucumbers and shaking innocently is kind of strange. As I move around in a bikini, I can't let my guard down because various places are in a state of fluttering. .. !! I wonder if the white leotard is a pochi! ?? There is no specification because I am worried about the protrusions that make me think! Catch Sora who swims in a swimsuit underwater! Sora-chan's underwater rampage, crotch, biting ass, and swollen boobs are all reflected in the doup, which is the best! !! It's just one word! I'm very happy when I'm making strawberry cake. The innocent smile is childish and very cute. .. When I thought about it, there were only pants under the apron. .. !! No bra! ?? !! I'm biting into my pants! I can't let my guard down! Everyone must see the quikomi and scale in various scenes! !! Please enjoy the image video of Mizuno Sora, who everyone loves!

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