Idol Egg Yuna Kitahara Vol.2


The idol training project "Idol Egg" of the phantom U-15 in-house production series "Chuboz" Yuna Kitahara Hen! It is an indie work that has become a legend of a super-radical amateur teen model that is currently unavailable due to the closure of the manufacturer. This time Kawayui black hair straight bangs! It will be the work of Yuna Kitahara, the owner of fluffy beauty big tits! Please enjoy very cute gestures and erotic poses to your heart's content! First of all, panty flickering poses in tennis wear! Racket chewy, I will put a racket in the middle and fuck it! You can't help but lick your candy with your annoying mouth! In denim overalls and pink heart pattern lingerie, remove the bra and no bra bosing! My eyes are nailed in the soft cleavage! If you lick bananas, you will get horny with good tongue handling! In uniform, change into a pink leotard over the acrylic board! Yuna-chan's treasure in a leotard has a faint stain ... !! In a tiny string bikini, the whole body is blamed by the older brother and the excitement rises with "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" This work is also a wonderful finish for idol training, a must-see for enthusiasts! Please take this opportunity to enjoy the phantom work ♪

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Classmate Rena Kawai