Cute girlfriend

School swimsuit
Open legs

G-Cup busty active junior high school idol Miyu Fujimura has appeared in the popular series "Cute Girlfriend"! Miyu, 15 years old, shows off a shocking T-back, and a video that is particular about life-sized sexyness unique to junior high school students will be developed! Miyu-chan, who captures a healthy limb and a lively figure and has both a girl and an adult side, is full of charm! I opened my legs in various styles such as uniforms, bikinis, gym clothes, school swimsuits, etc. I can't stop laughing at the appearance that shows me to the edge! !! Ryuishi Fuji Army ... The stimulus is too strong! The high-leg red bikini makes you see the slapstick, and you'll get sick of empty hands that are likely to happen at any time! The school swimsuit has been spotted! ?? The highlight is the shower scene, putting your hands and shower head in your bra and in your pants to wash! The erotic scene where you put the shower head in the valley and grab it with your chest seems to explode without stopping the delusion! !! I'm drowning in Miyu-chan's eroticism and cuteness, which is a very satisfying work that shows me a lot of irresistible sexy appearance! Please enjoy! !!

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