Petit CLUB Rinna Suzuna‘s service first year high school

Heroinet series

The strongest indie label known to those in the know, Heroinet's carefully selected works will be released at once! Introducing this time is Rinna, a first-year high school student with an impressive innocent smile that leaves her childhood. Rinna, who appeared in cute plain clothes, will show off her pink swimsuit from under the skirt after answering the interview energetically ♪ If both hands and feet are restrained Tickling time with a brush and toothbrush ♪ Sensitive Rinna is tickled by her armpits and thighs, and her body is shocked and reacts! When she reappears in her uniform and is handed a cucumber, she gently squeezes her hands ... ♪ Then she holds a banana and licks it deliciously ♪ When she changes into pink bloomers, she uses a balance ball with a squid. It is a challenge to move up and down! Next, put on a baby cosplay costume and restrain it in the air bed. You will be massaged your armpits and thighs using an electric massage machine ♪ If the scene changes and you reappear in a pink adult-like swimsuit, you will challenge the twister game! Rinna uses both hands and feet and works hard even in an unreasonable system. The crisp buttocks are irresistible ~ ♪ At the end, it's refreshing to sweat in the shower ♪ If you see Rinnna's innocent smile that leaves you young, you will surely be addicted to it ~! Please enjoy it.

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