Ayane‘s Ne!

Mizuta Ayane

The image of Ayane Mizutani, a beautiful girl who heals everyone with a cheerful and carefree smile, "Ayane no Ne!". Ayane-chan, who is very innocent and has a big smile with an angel's smile, is having a good time in Okinawa! Ayane-chan with a friendly and glittering smile, showing off her recorder in her uniform, playing in the sand in a striped bikini, swimming in a floral bikini, and showing off her baton in the shape of a cheerleader! Also, I am curious to eat bananas in a bikini with a floral pattern and a balance ball in a bikini with a border pattern, and to play the sanshin in a traditional Okinawan costume! In addition, you can't take your eyes off Ayane-chan, who is free-spirited, such as stretching with pink ears and hula hoop with emerald green leotard, taking a shower in a swimsuit, and flirting her ass as a fairy! Ayane-chan, who loves to play around in the pool with a floral bikini, clean the windows with a pink apron, wash her hands with a pink bikini, and so on ... And there is a happening in the making video! Please pay attention to Ayane-chan in a floral bikini. You can check the nip! Ayane-chan has a constant smile, but she has a serious look at you, and it draws your heart.

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