Flapping! To the future

Aikawa Seina
balance ball

The image of Shizuku Mano, who graduates from junior high school, maximizes all of his growth. Beautiful girl idol Shizuku bursts with a glittering smile! Shizuku-chan, who uses a tank top and green spats to hold a balance ball and long candy with her mouth wide open and licks her mouth ... A little embarrassed expression and hard gestures are too cute. Shizuku-chan with a smile always looks really fun, running around the beach in a yellow bikini, taking a shower in a striped bikini, and scribbling on a white swimsuit with a marker! Seina Aikawa will also appear in the graffiti scene! Also, changing from uniform to a heart-shaped bikini, showering in a swimsuit, jumping rope in gym clothes, etc. Anyway, cheerful and bright Shizuku is really nice! In addition, he introduced me a lot of private photos of my childhood with my family, and the photos of my elementary school days are so cute that it makes me feel at ease ... Change into a bandeau bikini on the bed. You can also see a little sexy Shizuku-chan, such as walking on all fours! Finally, in the friendship scene with Seina Aikawa, Shizuku who sheds tears is a must-see.

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