Yurika 14 years old I‘m a gal only during the summer vacation


The stimulation of the strongest indie label, Heroinet Received, a collection of works that is as good as the original family derived from it Heroinet system! Among them, I will introduce "Yurika 14 years old, I'm a gal only during the summer vacation". Small face and cute Yurika appeared in plain clothes, changed into a Chinese dress at once, and the black bikini is erotic with an outstanding style. When you lie down on the bed, the camera shoots the whole body, you can look into the cheongsam from below and enjoy the smooth skin in tan. Next, change into gym clothes, the chest is big for a thin body and the gym clothes are erotic and irresistible, and the eyes are already nailed to the crotch and buttocks up. At first, I had a hard expression, maybe I was nervous, but Yurika-chan, who gets used to it and smiles with a smile, is the cutest ♪ This time, I wore a uniform on the chest and shot from a sharp angle whether I could see it or not! It is intriguing to the thighs that can be seen through the slits in the skirt. At the end, tickle the whole body with a brush! It was Yurika-chan who was laughing involuntarily when she was wandering around such a place and such a lively place. Slender beautiful girl Please take a look at the image of Yurika-chan. * Since there are skips in the middle of the work, we are playing songs that match the image. Please note.

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