St Raphael Vol.35 Momo

Katase Momo

Momoetan is a hot topic because she is too beautiful! The image work "St Raphael Vol." That challenged various swimsuits while being a little shy with the slightly grown-up body line. 35 Momoetan ". The smile of Momo-tan, who is playing hard in many pools, really heals her heart. First of all, I took a picture from the beach in uniform. The wind is strong and the skirt flutters many times, and the fluttering scenes are repeated! The smile of Momo-tan that you can see under the blue sky makes me sick. In the scene of wearing an orange swimsuit, I sneak into a floating ring and play in the pool. A tiny face popped out of the floating ring, and it was very cute. When you return to the hotel, they will sit on the sofa and show off their fascinating poses. I can't say anything about the swimsuit that can be seen through the gaps in the shorts! Next, change into a pink swimsuit and play on the slide in the pool. The streaks that can be seen even from a distance are erotic ♪ It is also a highlight that the swimsuit is biting into the buttocks. In addition, when she appeared in a cute pink ribbon in a yukata costume, she inflated the balloons and played innocently. Momo Katase is the strongest with a smile. The last is a slaughter pose in a pink swimsuit! The pose that emphasizes the buttocks and the streaks can be completely understood by sitting in the gym. Please take a look at Momoetan, which is in full swing during the growing season.

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