Sang Hime Vol.4 Nakamura Ai

Boldly show off hairless area & Kiwakiwa angle "Glossy Princess-Glossy Hime-"
Open legs

The birth of a legitimate beautiful girl idol. Ai Nakamura's image work "Glossy Princess Vol." 4 Ai Nakamura ". Ai-chan appears in a red miniskirt uniform. He will boldly show off his T-back outfit in a scene that looks like he is looking from a low angle. When you turn up the skirt and show off your plump buttocks, you also take off your jacket and change into a white tiny bikini ♪ The scene where you pull up your pants and shoot ω with a doup is a must-see. The dote part of the pie bread is super fluffy and irresistible! Next time, when she appeared in a one-piece costume, she took a panchira shot from under the skirt again. You can feel as if you were sneaking into a skirt. In addition, there are a lot of erotic scenes such as licking bananas while opening M-shaped legs and looking into Ai-chan's cleavage! In addition, you can't take your eyes off the bold Ai-chan, who shows off her leotard outfit that Nipres sees through, and shows off her dote in lingerie outfit! In the last bathing scene, the bikini is too small and it's porori ~ ♪ Please do not miss it! !!

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