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Pure Heart

Introducing the series "Pure Heart", a collection of pure and glittering beautiful girls! With twin tails, a school bag on a uniform, and a bikini with a string when you take it off, suddenly the temptation of a bra float gap! At the pool, the red and white caps look like a childish gym suit, and when you take them off, they look like a string bikini with lace decorations! Skin-colored bikinis have a round pattern in the center of the bust and the part that hits the bust, and it is good to have an intentional design that is reminiscent of nakedness. Yuna Arai and Haruna Arai, the active idol sisters with the highest degree of attention, will appear ♪ Miwa Aoi's discontinued work "Ichigo Daifuku" has been completed! Please enjoy it ♪

Pure Heart

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Pure Heart I found a glittering star!